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Cloud Computing

May 20 2009 Published by under Computation, Coolness, Programming


In general, I try to keep the content of this blog away from my work. I don't do
that because it would get me in trouble, but rather because I spend enough time on work, and blogging is my hobby. But sometimes there's an overlap.

One thing that's come up in a lot of conversations and a lot of emails it the idea of cloud computing. A lot of people are interested in it, but they're not really sure of what it is, or what it means.

So what do we mean when we talk about "cloud computing"? What's the cloud? How's it different from good old-fashioned client/server computing?

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Coolness: Electron Micograph Art

Sep 23 2007 Published by under Coolness


I don't remember where I found this, but it's really amazing. The 2005
conference on electron/ion microscopy gave awards for the best bizarre or art-like images produced using electron or ion microscopy. The images range from beautiful,
like the C60 crystalline lattice to the right, to extremely bizzare like the nano-meter scale toilet image to the left.

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