About MarkCC

Mark Chu-Carroll is a PhD computer scientist and professional software engineer. He works as an engineer on the Mesos/Aurora project at Twitter. His professional interests center on collaborative software development, programming languages and tools, and how to improve the daily lives of software developers.

Aside from general geekery and blogging, he plays classical music on the clarinet, traditional Irish music on the wooden flute, and whatever he feels like on the Chapman stick. When he's bored, he also likes to fold elaborate structures out of paper.

While he works for Twitter, this blog has nothing to do with his job. Everything on this blog is strictly his personal writings, written on his personal time, and represents the opinions of no one except MarkCC himself.

To contact him, send email to markcc@gmail.com.

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  • Hey Mark - long time fan.

    I was talking with (mutual friend) Bob O'H and asking him to do a post on spam detection using Bayesian spam filters and comparing that to ID, from the context of the differences (knowledge requirements, mathematical rigour, etc). Would you be up for such a post?


  • lily says:

    I really enjoy your posts about bad math.
    and I don't know if this is the right place to ask but it would be hilarious if you wrote about this guy:

  • spacelandresident says:

    ^@lily is that website a spoof (i.e. is he trolling?) or is he serious? O_O

  • Fucha says:

    I really enjoy your posts - the one regarding the Pycon fiasco really hit home and has been tweeted quite alot. Thanks for putting that post together!