A Great New SciBling!

Apr 30 2007 Published by under Meta

Our corporate masters at Seed have added a new blog to ScienceBlogs, and it looks like a real winner. It's called the Denialism Blog, and it's off to a roaring great start with "The Unified Theory of the Crank. Go check it out!


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  • Walker says:

    For an excellent example of math cranks, might I recommend An Editor Recalls some Hopeless Papers (PDF warning). This is Hodges' classic overview of all the "refutations" of Cantor's argument that he has received over the years.

  • Luis Bruno says:

    Please teach the /denialism guys how to do a feed (404 on /denialism/atom.xml). Thanks!
    PS: lbruno(Luis )@(Bruno)100blossoms.com is a valid email address. Time to bug the MT guys.

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